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Show noCaptcha in New listing, Login, Register, Web contact, Contact listing, Send to a friend. Also can implement in any other form easily.

You can add noCaptcha reCaptcha at:

- New listing page.
- User login page.
- User registration page.
- Web contact page.
- Contact listing page.
- 'Send to a friend' listing page.
Language can be changed
Theme can be changed
Error message can be changed
Option to show/hide captcha for logged in users
Captcha will show if javascript disabled also (optional)

noCaptcha reCaptcha 1.2.1

- Allow multiple captcha in same page.
- Captcha in admin login (no file editing require).
- Captcha in comment form.
- New option to change captcha size.
- New hook 'anr_captcha_form_field' added. Now no need to add function directly to theme file.
- Translation issue fixed.



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