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. This plugin is working fine for all purposes, but sometimes it isn't easy to find the correct settings.

This plug-in has been developed as a spam protection and security module. On the one hand, it detects the most spam on your site and marks it for you for further processing, on the other hand it secures your user accounts against unauthorized access.

The spam is not automatically deleted, it is only marked and displayed in your admin area, so that you can recognize it more quickly and decide for yourself what happens with it. This is intended to prevent you from accidentally deleting incorrectly marked ads that do not contain spam.

Spam protection for

Ads Here you can check for possible duplicates, check the MX record of the used e-mail address, install a bot, block e-mail addresses or hosters, define stopwords, and automatically remove unwanted ads.
Comments Here you can check the comments, whether links are in the title or comment, block email addresses or hosters, define keywords, and automatically remove unwanted comments
Contact E-mails Here you can activate a check of the contact messages to sellers, whether the message contains links, block email addresses or hosters, and define keywords
The security of the user accounts is ensured by a built-in login limit, which ensures that a user account is blocked after too many unsuccessful logon attempts and the user is notified accordingly by e-mail. All e-mails are easy to edit and could be self-designed with the built-in template editor. A link can also be installed, which allows the user to unlock his account again.

Safety Precautions for

User accounts Here you can activate and set the login limit. In addition, a bottrap can be added to the login form. You can also set whether the corresponding user should only be blocked or banned. To be able to use the botfalls in all forms, it may be necessary to edit one or two files. You can find a tutorial in the corresponding section.
Administrator accounts Here you can activate and set the login limit. In addition, a bottrap can be added to the login form. You can also set whether the corresponding user should only be blocked or banned.
Registrations Here you can activate a check for newly registered user accounts. You can determine, that specified e-mail addresses may be used exclusively or not at all. You can also check the e-mail address and the IP of the user at StopForumSpam, if one of them is listed as a spammer.
Good / Bad users For example, you can prohibit specific users from publishing new ads, write comments or send contact messages to sellers. On the other hand, you can also free selected users from the spam check.
IP Ban list Here you can save IP's that you want to deny access to your page. In addition, you can still determine where the blocked users are forwarded.
Account Cleanup If you have constantly user accounts which are not used, you can have them automatically deleted after a fixed interval. You also have the option to search user accounts and remove unwanted user accounts.
So that you can use the plugin optimally, there is the possibility to adjust the appearance and behavior. You can determine how you are made aware of suspicious activities and where the appropriate hints appear.

If you are running several OSClass pages, you can easily export all settings and import them again on all other pages. This can save a lot of time.

To get an overview of the activities of the plugin, everything is stored in a global log. There you can see whether ads, comments or contact messages have been blocked, if user or administrator accounts have been blocked and for what reason something has happened. The log can be deleted automatically after an adjusted interval or at any time manually.

A tutorial on how to use and operate the plugin can be found in the help for the plugin. There everything is explained, but actually the plugin is self-explanatory.


Please post possible Errors in Osclass Forum, so that we can solve this for further versions. Please do this before you rate this plugin ;)



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